Color Me Game

Write the color of a student’s shirt, uniform , backpack, shoes, etc on board and ask the class to guess who is wearing the color. Whoever gets the correct answer can write the next color on the board and students guess again. They should try to pick a different color than one already on the board.

Invention Game

Divide players into teams, depending on the number of students you have. Ask them to think about the future and what they wish to have then... they will be the inventors! Ask them to give name to their invention, and to make an accurate and interesting description... and above all, do not forget the price! Once the task, get them to expose to their classmates.

The Twins Game

Write " The Twins " on the blackboard. Explain to the students that you are looking for two very strange twins. On a piece of paper hand draw two funny looking brothers very different one from the other. Describe them slowly as your students draw, then go around the class showing your twins and see if you can find a similar drawing.

Bankrupt Game

  This a great warmer you can use to revise any vocabulary or grammar structures you want . The game is called Bankrupt. Collect the vocabulary flashcards you aim to revise, and stick behind them cards showing an amount of money, like Us$500, Us$ 100 and so on. One or two of them should say BANKRUPT and another DONATION. Stick the flashcards on the board. Be careful students don't see money cards. Divide the class into two groups. Students take turns to choose one of the flashcards, say the item on them, or a sentence using that word, as you prefer. If they say it right they gain the amount of money at the back. If it says Bankrupt, you erase the money they had won, and if it says Donation, that team donates all their money to the other group.

Make Pronunciation Fun

Here is a game which help your students practice pronunciation while still keeping things fun and holding their attention.


This game is fun whether you are practicing general pronunciation skills or a specific set of challenging sounds. Take several notecards and write the words you want your students to pronounce. About eighteen cards is a good number. Then add two or three cards that just say Bang! Put all the cards in an empty container and you are ready to play. Students take turns pulling a card from the container and reading the word on that card. If they pronounce it correctly, they get to keep it. If they make a mistake, the card goes back in the container. If they pull a Bang! card, all their cards go back into the can. Play until time is up. Whoever has the most cards in their possession at that time wins the game.